How to use Binoculars

New to birding and birding equipment? Need a refresher tutorial on how to use binoculars? Here is a great video by Jason Ward on how to use binoculars for birding.

Bird Identification

Below are some powerpoints to help get you familiar with the most common species of birds you might see during your survey period. These materials are great for beginners and a refresher for intermediate birders.

North Carolina Bird Identification is a great resource for online bird identification. They also provide access to different bird calls and songs for each species.

AOU Bird Codes

While not required, it is helpful if you use the 4 letter AOU Bird Codes on your data sheets. If you prefer not to use the codes, please use the common name of each species. I have attached the AOU Bird Codes for the Birds in the Training Powerpoint and the Complete List of AOU Bird Codes.

TRIBC Common Birds AOU Bird Codes

Complete AOU Bird Code List

Bird Guides

If you don’t have access to a hardcopy Bird ID Guide or if you prefer to go digital, Merlin Bird ID by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a great resource to use while out in the field. It provides common birds in the area, images and calls of each bird as well as allows you to get ID help on the spot for tricky birds. This app is available in the apple store for iphone users and possibly in the google play store for android users.