Thank you for your data contributions this season! A total of 27 volunteers signed up and 179 sites were surveyed! We documented a total of 2,238 individual birds from 73 species. Including species that flew over or observed outside of the 40 m range, the total number of species is 82 species. Please see the attached pdf for more insights on TriBC results this year. For a complete list of species observed this season, please see the last page of the report. See you in the 2024 Triangle Bird Count!

At TriBC site 2495, a pair of Canada Geese and their goslings decided to walk across the gas station in the picture. 05/18/2023. Cary. Photo by Jin Bai.


A Purple Martin house is full of Purple Martins! This is from TriBC site 1273 in Durham. 05/12/2023. Photo by Jin Bai.


Some of the TriBC sites are experiencing changes compared to previous years. This is at TriBC Site 2507 in Raleigh. There have been trees cutting down and less vegetation cover here this year. 05/30/2023. Photo by Jin Bai.