There are a total of 998 survey points that have been randomly distributed throughout a variety of environments/land uses. Each volunteer will need to select a minimum of at least 6 survey points to participate. You don’t have to finish all your counts in one morning. To select your survey points, please go to the Interactive Map and select your points. Step-by-step instructions and a tutorial video have been provided for you below.

A Guide for Selecting Survey Points for the Triangle Bird Count

Tutorial Video for Selecting Your Survey Points

Please reserve your points by filling out our Google Form. On the interactive map, points in light yellow color now are reserved for the 2022 TBC. You can choose other survey points that are not reserved yet. Once you fill out the google form, our GIS specialist Michael Caslin will reserve your points and send out a confirmation email to you. Each survey point only needs to be surveyed once during the Apr 15th to May 31st period.