Recommendations from TriBC Principal Investigator Dr. Madhusudan Katti:

  1. Your safety always comes first! If you feel at all unsafe in some location, don’t feel obligated to continue the count. Data are secondary to your safety! While the project depends on good data gathering across a range of urban habitats, your safety always takes priority!
  2. If particular locations seem unsafe on a regular basis, let us know so we can change our sampling points and move those points to safer places.
  3. Whenever possible, we highly recommend you bring a buddy along with you when you go out counting.
  4. Print out and bring with you a copy of our flyer or basic information about the project to share in case someone gets suspicious or calls the police.
  5. You could purchase and wear our Triangle Bird Count Volunteer t-shirts while doing your count.
  6. If possible let us know when and where you will be once you have your schedule worked out. You can email us, or leave a voicemail at my campus office number: 919-515-8638.

Recommendations from TriBC Volunteers:

Put up signs on your rear car windows that say “Bird Survey.” Here is an example of a “Bird Survey” sign.