Hi everyone, the Triangle Bird Count protocols are now up and available for you to view or download.

If you are an active participant (sent us your selection of points), then we will provide printed copies to you as part of a participant package, either at the in-person information session or via US Mail.

2 thoughts to “Protocols Up!

  • Sue Harvey

    I have sent in points twice. i have no confirmation to this.If you still need me to participate please confirm by email to harveycs@bellsouth.net Last time i tried to use map could not get it to respond

    • Deja Perkins

      Hi Sue,

      Im not sure if you have received a response to your previous comment but my name is Deja Perkins and I will be managing the volunteers on the project from now on. The project is relaunching this year and our survey period is between April 15th and May 15th 2019. Thank you so much for your participation last year and we would really appreciate your continued participation this for this years round of counts. After the survey period is over we will work diligently to get all the data analyzed and up on the website for you to see how your efforts have contributed to broader science! Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


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