Hi everyone and welcome to those of you who just joined us!

Recently, it was brought to our attention that for some cities, the groupings of points on the interactive map have too many points in them. We’re working on getting the program to sort points into groups of 6-12 points before we assign everyone a group of points to count. If you have already told us the points you like, don’t worry! We have them recorded and will get back to you as soon as we get the grouping issue sorted.

We will also get count protocols up on the website very soon, as well as announce the count date window.

If you are new or otherwise have not already done so, please contact us via SciStarter with your name, your SciStarter username (and ID number found in parentheses), the preferred city, and CID & group_ID of the points you would like to count. To do this, on the interactive map found on our website (trianglebirds.org), zoom in to your chosen city, and click on the points you are interested in. Left-clicking on a point should bring up a box with “CID” and “SS_Group.”

Thank you for your continued patience with our pilot year! Please contact us if you have questions or issues.

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